Jewish Demography and Statistics

Prof. Sergio DellaPergola

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1. Personal Background

1942 Sep. 7 - Born in Trieste, Italy.
1943-1945 - Family displaced to Switzerland.
1945-1966 - Lived in Milan, Italy.
1966 - Moved to Jerusalem, Israel.
Married: Miriam Toaff; 4 children (born 1970, 1971, 1972, 1982).
Office: The A. Harman Institute of Contempoary Jewry
The Hebrew University, Mt. Scopus
Jerusalem 91905, Israel.
Telephone: (972-2) 588-2470 or 588-2472; Fax (972-2) 588-1243 or 588-1002.
Home: Rehov Habanai 29a, Jerusalem 96264, Israel.
Telephone: (972-2) 652-7867; Fax: (972-2) 654-0708.

2. Higher Learning

1973 - Ph.D., The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Dissertation in Contemporary Jewry/
Demography; instructor: Prof. R. Bachi).
1966 - Dr. [M.A.] in Political Sciences Cum Laude, Universita degli Studi, Pavia (Thesis
in Social Statistics; instructor: Prof. P. Gennaro).

3. Academic Ranks

1994 - Professor, The Avraham Harman Institute of Contemporary Jewry (ICJ), The Hebrew
University of Jerusalem.
1987 - Associate Professor.
1980 - Senior Lecturer (tenure: 1982).
1973 - Lecturer.
1971 - Instructor, ICJ.
1968 - Teaching Assistant, Department of Demography, The Hebrew U.

4. Research and Teaching Positions

2000 - Chairman, The Avraham Harman Institute of Contemporary Jewry (ICJ), The Hebrew
University of Jerusalem.
1986-pres. - Head, Division of Jewish Demography and Statistics, ICJ.
1998 - Visiting Professor, Institute of Human Geography, University of Milano.
1994-1998 - Chairman, ICJ.
1993/94 - Visiting Scholar, Von Grunebaum Center for Near Eastern Studies, and Department of
Sociology, University of California-UCLA, Los Angeles, Ca., USA.
1993/94 - Baldwin Visiting Professor of Sociology, University of Judaism, Los Angeles, Ca., USA.
1992-pres. - Senior Research Fellow, The Center for Social Policy Studies in Israel, Jerusalem.
1991/92 - Research Fellow, Institute for Advanced Studies, The Hebrew U. (Study group:
Religion and Society in Contemporary Jewry).
1991 - Chairman, ICJ.
1990,91,92 - Visiting Professor, Istituto di Statistica, Universita di Pavia.
1985/86 - On sabbatical leave, visited and lectured at higher learning institutions in nine countries
in Western Europe, North America and Latin America.
1980/81 - Research Fellow, Institute for Advanced Studies, The Hebrew U. (Study Group:
Demography of the Jews).
1978/79 - Visiting Research Associate, Population Studies and Training Center, Department of
Sociology, Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island, USA.
1973-1976 - Teaching Fellow (Lecturer), Dept. of Sociology, Bar Ilan University, Ramat Gan.

5. Award

1999 - Marshall Sklare Award for distinguished scholarship, The Association for the Social
Scientific Study of Jewry (ASSJ).

6. Research Projects (principal or main associate investigator)

1997-1998 - (With Uzi Rebhun) Jerusalem Strategic Masterplan: Demographic Projections,
Jerusalem Municipality, Research and Development Division.
1998 - (With Rosa Geldstein) Sociodemographic Survey of the Jewish Population of the
Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area, with Asociacion Mutualista Israelita Argentina AMIA
and Centro Nacional de Estudios de Poblacion CENEP.
1998-pres. - (With Salomon Benzaquen and Tony Beker Veinraub) Sociodemographic Profile of the
Jewish Community in Venezuela, with Asociacion Israelita de Venezuela and Union Israelita
 de Caracas.
1996-1999 - (With Uzi Rebhun, Mark Tolts) World Jewish Population Projections, with Israel
Humanitarian Foundation, New York.
1995-pres. - World Jewish Population Trends, with the American Jewish Committee, New York.
1993-1998 - Data Bank on Jewish Educational Statistics, with The Joint Authority for Jewish
Zionist Education.
1993 - (With Eugenio Sonnino) Survey of Jewish Community in Rome, with the Vigevani Fund
 of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and Universita La Sapienza, Roma, Dipartimento
 di Demografia.
1990-1998 - (With Susan Lerner) Mexican Jewish Population Study, with Centro de Estudios
Demograficos y de Desarrollo Urbano (CEDDU), El Colegio de Mexico, Mexico City.
1989-1991 - (With Eric Peritz) Never Married Jewish Women in Israel, with The National
Insurance Institution, Jerusalem, Ministry of Labor and Welfare, The Demographic Center,
1984-1988 - (With Roberto Bachi and Vivian Klaff) Urban Ecology of the Jews in the Diaspora,
United States-Israel Binational Scientific Foundation (Grant 82-03427).
1981-1995 - (With U.O. Schmelz) Evaluation of World Jewish Population Trends, with the
American Jewish Committee, New York.
1979-1991 - Jewish Educational Statistics, The Joint Program for Jewish Education of the
State of Israel, Ministry of Education and Culture, The Jewish Agency for Israel, and
the World Zionist Organization; later: The L.A. Pincus Fund for Jewish Education.
1976-1978 - (With Allie Dubb) South African Jewish Population Study, with South African Jewish
Board of Deputies, Johannesburg.
1974-1978 - (With Amedeo Tagliacozzo) Italian Immigrants in Israel, Consiglio Nazionale delle
Ricerche (CNR), Rome.
1972-1984 - (With Doris Bensimon) French Jewish Population Study, with Centre National de la
Recherche Scientifique (CNRS), Paris.
1972-1974 - (With U.O. Schmelz) The Jewish Population of Argentina, with Asociacion Mutual
Israelita Argentina (AMIA), Buenos Aires, and David Horowitz Institute, Tel Aviv University.
1970-1971 - (With Nathanel Lichfield and others) New Towns in Israel, Institute of Planning
and Development, Tel Aviv, and State of Israel, Ministry of Housing, Jerusalem.
1964-1972 - (With Roberto Bachi and Franco Sabatello) Italian Jewish Population Study, with
Universita di Pavia, and Unione delle Comunita Israelitiche Italiane (UCII), Roma.

7. Committees and Other Academic Activities

2000-pres. - Public Council, Yad Vashem, Jerusalem.
1999-pres. - Academic committee, Center for European Studies, The Hebrew University.
1998-pres. - Board of Directors and Academic Committee, Jerusalem Institute for Israel Studies.
1997-pres. - Strategic Planning Sub-committee and Aliyah and Rescue Task Force, Jewish
Agency for Israel.
1997-pres. - Steering Committee and Head of Demographic-Social Committee, Jerusalem
Strategic Masterplan, Jerusalem Municipality.
1996-pres. - Board of Overseers and Academic Advisory Committee, The Hebrew University’s
Mandel Center for Jewish Continuity.
1995-1996 - Chairman, The Hebrew University President’s Committee on The University of
the Jewish People.
1995 - Organizer (with Jeannette Schoorl), Session II.1, Demography of ethnic and
religious groups, refugees and asylumseekers, European Association for Population
Studies (EAPS), 3rd European Population Conference, Milano, September.
1993-pres. - Public Council, The Demographic Center, State of Israel, Ministry of Labor and
Social Affairs.
1993-pres. - Committee on Israel-Diaspora Relations, State of Israel, Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
1993-pres. - Board, World Union for Jewish Studies.
1993 - Organizer, Session 28, Demographic Processes and their Impact on the Identity and Survival
 of Minorities, International Union for the Scientific Study of Population (IUSSP), General Conference,
  Montreal, August.
1991-pres.- (Since 1999, Chairman) Academic Advisory Committee, Vidal Sassoon International Center for the Study of Antisemitism, The Hebrew U.
1991,94-7 - Steering Committee, Faculty of Humanities, The Hebrew U.
1990-1992 - Editorial Board, Atlas Histoire universelle des Juifs de la Genese a la fin du XXe
siecle, Paris, Hachette.
1990-1996 - Elected member of the Senate, The Hebrew U. (representing Associate Professors).
1989-1993 - Project Director, World Directory of University Teaching of Jewry, International
Center for the University Teaching of Jewry, Jerusalem, Presidency of the State of Israel.
1989-1997 - Computers Committee, Faculty of Humanities, The Hebrew U.
1988-pres. - Steering Committee and International Scientific Advisory Committee (ISAC), The
Association for Demographic Policy of the Jewish People, State of Israel, The Demographic Center,
 and World Zionist Organization, Jerusalem.
1986-1993 - Frank Committee for the Study of the Jewish Experience in Europe, Faculty
of Humanities, The Hebrew U.
1985-1989 - Steering Committee, Israel Family and Fertility Study, The Hebrew U., School of
Medicine and Hadassa, and the United Nations Fund for Population Activities.
1984-pres. - National Technical Advisory Committee (NTAC), US National Jewish Population
Study, Council of Jewish Federations, New York.
1980-1988 - Steering Committee, Jewish Historical Demography, The Israel Historical Society
and Association for Jewish Demography and Statistics.
1980-1988 - Steering Committee, Curriculum in Demography for Israeli High Schools, State of
Israel, Ministry of Labor and Welfare, Demographic Center, Jerusalem.
1975-1994 - Chairman or member, ICJ's Steering, Planning, Budgets, Scholarships, Teaching,
and Students' adviser committees.
1975-pres. - Board of Directors, Hevrat Yehude Italia Lef'ulah Ruhanit and Centro per lo Studio
dell'Ebraismo Italiano (central religious, cultural and research organization of Italian immigrants
 in Israel), Jerusalem.
1973-pres. - Honorary Treasurer, Association for Jewish Demography and Statistics, Jerusalem.

8. Teaching Courses and Seminars (1983-2000)

- Introduction to Demography of the Jews (CJ 33866)
- Introduction to Sociology of the Jews (CJ 33871)
- Introduction to Quantitative Research Methods (CJ 33961)
- Contemporary Jewish Society: Demography, Sociology, Identification (CJ 33410)
- Jewish Population and Community: (a) Western Europe (CJ 33797); (b) North America; (c) Latin
- Migration, Aliyah and Immigrants Absorption: General and Jewish International Migration (CJ 33928)
- Demography and Sociology of the Jewish Family: From Tradition to Assimilation (CJ 33867)
- Jews in Cities: Territorial and Sociodemographic Aspects (CJ)
- Jews in Israel and in the Diaspora: Comparative Demography (CJ 33998-33999)
- Family and Community among North African Jews: Countries of Origin and Resettlement (CJ)
- Sociodemographic Aspects of Jewish Education in the Diaspora (CJ)
- Italy and the Jews: history, politics, identity (CJ 33922)
- Demography of the Mediterranean Area and of the Middle East (University of Pavia)
- Comparative Studies of Jewish Communities in the U.S. and Abroad (UCLA, Soc 159)
- Contemporary Issues of the Jewish Community in a Historical Perspective (University of Judaism,
Mgt 442)
- Sociology of the Jews (University of Judaism, Soc 203/303)
- Demografia, sociedad y identificacion judia en el siglo 20 (Universidad Iberoamericana)

9. Membership in Scholarly Organizations

IUSSP - International Union for the Scientific Study of Population
PAA - Population Association of America
EAPS - European Association for Population Studies
AIDELF - Association Internationale des Demographes de Langue Francaise
SIDES - Societa Italiana di Demografia Storica
CISR - Conference Internationale de Sociologie des Religions
WUJS - World Union of Jewish Studies
ISS - Israel Sociological Society
IHS - Israel Historical Society
AJS - Associacion of Jewish Studies
ASSJ - Association for the Social Scientific Study of Jewry
LAJSA - Latin American Jewish Studies Association
AJDS - Association for Jewish Demography and Statistics

10. Research Institutions at which Lectured out of Israel
   United States

11. Main Publications
a. Books and Monographs